We all read about murder mysteries and see crimes being committed in movies and then the detectives moving in and finally catching the culprit. The villain makes the mistake of leaving his fingerprints on the scene of the crime and is caught by the detectives. The replication of these activities happens in real life also where the process of identifying the criminal by fingerprinting has been in use by the law enforcement agencies for more than a century now.


The discovery that the fingerprints of every person are unique was done by the scientists. With the help of forensic science, the Police have effectively used the uniqueness of fingerprints to identify the people committing the crime. The law enforcement agencies have made fingerprinting process as their integral part. Fingerprinting has also come a long way from the days when it was first put to use. You can find fingerprinting in use for access to offices, ATMs, and computer networks.


Cuts, bruises, and burns do not cause your fingerprints to change. This is because it is not possible to alter the structure of ridges in the finger skin. Even in case where there is a wound on the finger, the skin grows over it following the original pattern. Criminals have tried tampering with their fingerprints to evade being caught, but with little success. There are services for this at fingerprinting Fort Worth which you can find the best results.


Biometrics is the process which clearly explains the how fingerprinting works. The physiological or behavioural characteristics are used to identify a person by automated methods known as biometrics. Face recognition, fingerprinting, handwriting, retinal image and voice are some of the common features of biometrics in use. However, there is a difference between biometrics data and personal information. The biometrics data cannot be reverse engineered to generate the personal characteristics, but it is always possible to steal personal information. Hence the criminal finds no use for the biometric data.  Read this post for example: http://www.ehow.com/how_7308945_henry_s-method-fingerprinting.html.


The use of fingerprint scanners is made to identify a registered person and give him access to the desired utility. The finger image is scanned and the pattern of the ridges and valleys is matched with the stored data. But the important point is that the image of the fingerprint is never saved. The unique characteristics of the fingerprint are converted into binary codes and saved as an encrypted biometric key. You cannot convert these back into a fingerprint and hence duplication of a fingerprint cannot be done.



The process of fingerprint identification is very fast today. There is a discernable change over the past few years. To identify a person by using his fingerprint takes a fraction of a second. The readers that utilize the electronic fingerprint reading the identification are extremely fast. The fingerprinting works on numerical codes and is a quick method for identifying human beings. Visit our website and click here to learn more.